Christina LIU


Dear Neighbour,

My name is Christina Liu and I am running for City Councillor for Ward 22 (Scarborough-Agincourt).

I share your values and concerns because this is my community, having worked here for over ten years. I have two school agedchildren and a husband. I speak English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I am an entrepreneur & small business owner operating two education centres serving Scarborough-Agincourt and run sports camps for our youth. I have worked for a Federal M.P. and I now have taken a leave from being a Provincial M.P.P.’s Executive Assistant. I decided to run for City Council, because I am deeply concerned how our community will overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. I want to work hard for you to make our community safer and to be part of the solution for our damaged economy.

I have been working to help seniors, youths, new immigrants, parents and small businesses. Toronto is becoming more and more unaffordable for everyone. I will work hard for you at City Hall to freeze taxes, eliminate waste and provide help to small businesses and those who have lost their jobs. I will work with our police to make our community safer. I will work with the T.T.C. and the Provincial government to complete the Sheppard subway extension and improve service. I will work for you and not for special interest groups.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my views with you and I will be getting your input on how we can all pull together to overcome this historic pandemic and to make Agincourt better.

Together we can move Scarborough-Agincourt forward to become a better place to live, work and to raise a family!


Christina Liu

Things I Will Do

Christina LIU - Moving Agincourt Forward

  • I pledge to fight Covid-19 by supporting public health measures & more testing!
  • I pledge to make the safety of our City and our neighbourhoods a top priority and to always support our Police & Health Care Providers!
  • I pledge to stop Cannabis stores and drug injection sites in Ward 22!
  • I pledge to ensure that we get our fair share of City resources to improve our infrastructure, community centres, parks & add some off-lease dog areas in parks!
  • I pledge to make the 5 stop extension of the Sheppard Subway from Don Mills to the Scarborough Town Centre happen & increase T.T.C. bus service!
  • I pledge to champion free T.T.C. service to seniors in off peak times!
  • I pledge to never support a city budget that raises taxes above the rate of inflation and to freeze taxes till we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and to reduce taxes for our struggling small businesses!
  • I pledge to keep our City affordable and to not cut City programs or services!
  • I pledge to be accessible to all the residents of Ward 22 with a direct telephone line that I & my staff will answer/receive texts and to have a community office!
  • I pledge to stop any new un-wanted & un-safe bike lanes on our streets and put one in the large vacant hydro corridor and add more community uses there!
  • I pledge that I will ensure that all new development projects in Ward 22 go through a neighbourhood consultation process and will benefit our community!
  • I pledge to always remember that I work for you and to be your voice at City Hall to Move Agincourt Forward!
  • I pledge to ensure that the Homeless shelter lease at the Delta hotel is not renewed and never comes back!
  • I pledge to be a catalyst and make the GO overpass & street access to Midland Avenue for safety and to reduce traffic chaos a top city priority!

Issues and Platforms

    Transit First Then Development (No More Over-Development)

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Fully consult local residents and resident groups and make sure that developers provide information packages with full disclosure to the neighbourhood to keep people informed when applications are filed.
  • Work with residents to oppose oversized development proposals so they don’t cause too much traffic congestion and over power surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Have the City Planning Dept. conduct a Sheppard Core Study to ensure that the impact of all the developments that will come when the new subway is built are considered and initiatives taken to improve our neighborhoods.
  • Work with local residents and City of Toronto staff along with the other partners such as the YMCA to ensure that the Bridletownde Hub development is built with the maximum benefits for Agincourt,
  • Stop Another Summer Of The Gun!

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Provide the police with additional resources and new crime-fighting technologies, like the Shot Spotter System.
  • Support a police task force to combat guns & gangs.
  • Work with the Provincial and Federal governments to get tougher on crime and to ensure that violent repeat and gun offenders do not get bail or parole.
  • Promote youth programs that will focus on vocational skills and job training to divert at-risk youth away from gangs.
  • Support two-tiered policing by handing over traffic duties to special constables to allow more front line officers to focus on fighting major crimes & crime prevention.. * Implement Toronto Police Services 42 Division operating a satellite sub-station at the Bridletowne Community Hub to facilitate quicker response time. * Incresse funding for Toronto Housing Authority police to better serve and protect Toronto housing developments
  • Accessibility

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Maintain an office in the Ward and have dedicated experienced staff to serve the Ward.
  • Have an office cell phone for texts and will respond to every text.
  • Hold community meetings regularly throughout the Ward.
  • Rooming Houses

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Never support the operation of illegal rooming houses in our neighbourhoods and increase Toronto by-law and Toronto Fire Department inspections for all and not just for people who did not vote for her as was done in the recent past. All people will be treated equally and fairly!
  • Students have recently died in a tragic fire close to the U of T Scarborough campus & we cannot risk further deaths and the deteroration of our neighbourhoods.
  • Demand that Seneca College build more student housing on their campus so that their student housing shortage does not disrupt our neighbourhoods.
  • For a safer community!

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Stop any 'safe' drug injection sites from opening in Scarborough-Agincourt and oppose any cannabis stores near schools and residential neighbourhoods.
  • Promote and assist with "Neighbourhood Watch" programs and host more safety and crime prevention meetings with the Toronto Police.
  • Increase Toronto Community Housing policing and increase police outreach efforts throughout Ward 22.
  • Implement the creation and operation of a new Toronto Police Services 42 Division satellite sub-station in the Bridletowne Hub or other central Ward 22 location to decrease response time.
  • Promote school zone safety and enhance road safety.
  • Increase Toronto Police Services morale. Our Cops are Top!
  • Affordability

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Freeze residential property taxes until we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. * Never support a tax increase above the rate of inflation.
  • Not allow utility fees like water and garbage fees be dramatically increased in a sneaky way to hide tax increases from residents that has been done regularly in the past in the past.
  • Not allow user fees to rise dramatically as an indirect form of taxation, such as Parks & Rec fees. We need our seniors to be active and not deterred by user fees and for young families to be able to afford to access to our Parks & Rec programs, particularly at risk youth!
  • Control wasteful spending at City Hall so that services can be increased without increasing taxes and without cutting programs or services.
  • Advocate free T.T.C. service for seniors during off-peak hours. * Advocate and fight for tenants to keep rent control and limit landlord abuses.
  • Traffic & Streets

    As your new City Councillor, Christina Liu will:

  • Extend the Sheppard Subway with five stops to the Scarborough Town Centre. Light Rail Transit is not the answer.
  • Oppose bike lanes clogging our main arterial streets and promote a safer bike trail through the hydro corridor instead of adding more congestion.
  • Support increased traffic enforcement in school zones. One traffic death is one too many!
  • Build pedestrian overpasses at key intersections to reduce gridlock and to enhance pedestrian safety & implement coordinated traffic signals on Sheppard, Finch, Steeles, Victoria Park, Kennedy, Warden and Midland for better traffic flow.
  • Take steps to stop commuter traffic taking short cuts through our neighbourhoods.


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